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  • GLOSsary
  • Hybrid Technology hybride

    This new technology combines the reliability of thermoelectrics with the cooling performance of a compressor. This highly accurate equipment is already used in cutting edge technology applications, particularly for satellite and microprocessor cooling. This technological innovation provides masterful temperature control. And, as there is no longer a compressor, your wine is absolutely vibration proofed, and your machine is quiet.

    Function hiver

    Whatever the ambient temperature in your room, as long as it remains between 5 and 38°C, the winter function guarantees that you have the required temperature inside the cabinet. When the surrounding temperature is lower than the temperature required inside the cabinet, a resistance switches on and raises the temperature inside your wine cabinet. This enables you to install your wine cabinet in an unheated room, such as a cabinet

    Visual and audible Alarm

    On models that come with a visual and/or audible alarm, the alarm is set off immediately the temperature inside the cabinet reaches and stays above / below the min or max temperature setting, which can happen for instance if the door is improperly shut, or in the event of a power failure.

    Head-to-tail bottle Storage

    A method for storing wine bottles that consists of installing one row at the back, with the bottle bottom facing the rear, then one row at the front, with the bottle bottom facing forward. This optimizes storage capacity, over several layers

    Active Charcoal Filters

    Essential equipment for a wine aging cabinet. The active charcoal filter is often placed on the cabinet rear wall. This enables outside air to circulate inside the cabinet and renew the air, allowing your wine bottles to « breathe », while eliminating from the air all impurities that could harm your wine: dust, odours, and other particles.

    Lighting LED

    Low energy LED lighting provides a soft light that will not harm your wines.g

    Vibration Proofing System

    A system of cushions placed under the compressor eliminate the vibration that occurs when the compressor starts up, or stops. This system is present on all La Sommelière wine cabinets.


    The ideal humidity for a wine cabinet is between 50 and 80%. A humidity level below 50% will cause the top of the cork to dry out and retract, allowing air into the bottle. Conversely, too high humidity (over 80%) causes harmful odours and damages labels.

    Glazed Door with anti-UV Treatment

    Anti-UV treatment consisting of a film placed on the glass, prevents ultra-violet rays from entering and spoiling your wine. Wine exposed to excessive ultra-violet light can take on an unpleasant rancid taste referred to as "the flavour of light.".

  • HELP – installing your sliding SHELVES clatrad07
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    Fasten the rail at the desired height onto the left and right walls of your cellar. There is a left rail and a right rail. To recognize the difference, the rollers must present to the front of the cellar. Check that your rails on both sides are at the same height.   Engage the shelf into both rails simultaneously. First place the rollers in the rail, by raising your shelf to a 45° angle then lowering it so that the rollers engage into the rails.   Your shelf can now slide back & forth. In case your shelf doesn't easily slide, or on the contrary moves too much into the rails, you can modify the shelf width by adjusting the metal supports screwed to the sides of the shelf.
  • HELP – installing your sliding SHELVES CLAVIP03
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    You have two rails, one rack and a wedge. First install the rails onto the rack.   Install the entire assembly in the wine cabinet, slide it as far back into the cabinet as it will go.   Now wedge your rack at the back. Insert the wedge as far as it will go, then raise it perpendicular to the rack.
  • HELP – installing your charcoal filter
  • HELP – installing your charcoal filter 1   HELP – installing your charcoal filter 2    
    Replace your charcoal filter every year. Remove the filter located at the back of your cabinet.   Put the new charcoal filter in its place.    
  • HELP – Storing your bottles head-to-tail
    EXAMPLE 4        
  • HELP – Installing your charcoal filter FCA03
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    If your cabinet has an alarm telling you when to change your charcoal filter, this lightwill come on (blinking) on your screen when the filter needs to be changed. The charcoal filter must be changed every year. To re-set the alarm, press the key for 5 seconds and then press on SET.   Remove the charcoal filter located at the back of your wine cabinet   Remove the protective wrapping then replace your new charcoal filter in the hole specifically provided for this purpose.

    The temperature displayed on the screen is different from the temperature inside my wine cabinet
    It is normal to have a difference in temperature inside the wine cabinet because cold air falls and hot air rises. The temperature is made uniform by mixing the air. The difference may also be due to the positioning of the thermometer


    How does a multi-temperature wine cabinet work ?
    It is possible to create several different temperatures within a single zone, with our multi-temperature wine cabinets belonging to the Prestige range. Stemming from our best technology intended for professionals, our multi-temperature wine cabinets cleverly distribute cold across 5 or 6 separate zones: under the control of two thermometers, one at the top and one at the bottom, the highly sophisticated ventilation system will distribute the cold according to the requested temperatures. If you want the same temperature throughout the wine cabinet, just set the identical temperature top and bottom.


    La Sommelière wine cabinets are built to the highest energy efficiency standards, up to class A+. We continually improve our products and energy consumption is one of our top priorities for our wine cabinets


    What is the maximum storage capacity for wine bottles
    On our product datasheets, in our catalogue or even on the energy labels of our wine cabinets, we always indicate the maximum storage capacity (number of bottles). All the storage capacities of our wine cabinets are checked and attested to by a bailiff and calculated using light (75 cl) Bordeaux bottles, stored head to tail, with the minimum number of racks (depending on the products).

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