Quality of our products

La Sommelière wine cellars guarantee you the very best possible environment to store your bottles at the right temperature and to age your wines. Discover the aesthetic design of our cutting edge wine cellars that adapt perfectly to your needs in terms of storage space. All necessary technologies have been implemented to ensure a wine cellar of incomparable quality.

La Sommelière cellars combine optimum conditions for aging wines and keeping them at the proper temperature.


  • Temperature: electronic thermostat with digital display for better temperature setting and control.
  • Broad temperature range to store and bring to the ideal temperature any type of wine.
  • Winter function: this exclusive system guarantees the set up temperature inside the wine cellar in non-heated rooms (down to 5°C)*.
  • Hygrometry rate control:humidity is maintained between 50 and 80%.
  • Hygrometry rate display*.
  • Forced air: for homogeneous temperature and humidity.
  • UV Protection:glass doors are equipped with anti-UV double glazing*.
  • Vibration proofing: the anti-vibration system protects the wine bottles from outside and compressor vibrations.
  • Protection against bad smell:assured by active charcoal filters*.
  • Strength, durability: use of sturdy materials, designed for intensive use
  • Wrong temperature alarm*.
  • Active charcoal filter replacement alarm.


  • Optimized space: wide selection of dimensions.
  • Wide selection of capacities: from 6 to 300 bottles.
  • Any bottle shelves to optimize the storage of any bottle size or shape*.
  • Ease of maintenance.
  • Adjustable feet for perfect stability.
  • Interior LED lighting*.
  • Large range of available accessories.
  • Reversible doors*.
  • Lock*.


  • 2 types of door: glazed or solid
  • Design: stainless steel, black, varnished or wood.
  • Stainless steel handles*.
  • Shelves: oak, beech woods or metal.
  • Digital display*.
  • LED lighting*.


With their carefully studied dimensions and large choice of design, La Sommelière wine cellars fit easily into your decor, classic or contemporary.
* Depending on model.


  • REACH (recording, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemical substances) limitation of the quantities of chemical products used in manufacturing.
  • ROHS (restriction on the use of specific hazardous substances in electrical or electronic equipment) very restrictive limitation on materials such as lead or mercury.
  • EMC ou CEM (Electromagnetic compatibility) product compatibility standards with the surrounding electromagnetic fields.
  • EMF: control of the effect of the electromagnetic waves emanating from the product.
  • LVD (Low Voltage directive) : electrical safety standards assure the consumer of product compatibility with prevailing electrical standards.
  • MSDS: conformance of the compressor oils to European standards.
  • R134A (CFC FREE): cooling gas (CFC = Chlorofluorocarbons), harmful for the ozone layer.
  • R600a (Isobutane): cooling gas or Greenfreeze system, developed in collaboration with Greenpeace, this gas has very little impact on the ozone layer, and greenhouse effect. R600A is CFC and HFC free (harmful for the ozone layer and greenhouse effect).
  • Energy labeling (1060/2010): a label indicating yearly energy consumption, capacity and energy class comes with each wine cellar.
  • Eco-design (2005/32): all our wine cellars comply with European regulations in terms of eco-design: energy consumption, packaging, display…
  • Eco-Packaging : we contribute to the collection, sorting and recycling of our cardboards and other packaging materials.
  • Recycling: we are members of the Ecologic organization in charge of recycling our wine cellars and other electrical and electronic equipment.

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Alcohol excess is dangerous for health. Enjoy with moderation.
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