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La Sommelière is a French company that has grown constantly for more than 15 years. We are a major player on the European market, offering to both commercial and retail markets a wide range of wine cellars, fruit of our skills  in technological innovation and our recognised know-how in cooling systems, as well as our perfect knowledge of the wine universe.

La Sommelière calls on a highly motivated team that has developed high performance wine cellars satisfying the most demanding levels and offering innovative solutions for servicing, keeping and aging wines.


In 2004, La Sommelière decided to respond to the needs of a growing number of consumers wanting to enjoy at home the reliability of commercial solutions. All of these products are available in the specialised distribution network. La Sommelière exports to Europe, America, Africa and Asia.


La Sommelière quickly became a leader in wine cellars in France among restaurants, cafés and hotels. 75%* of the equipped establishments have chosen La Sommelière.

This rapid success is explained by the quality of our products and services, our continuous anticipation of consumption changes, our reactivity and a personalized monitoring of contacts. We provide our customers with various services: availability of our products and spare parts, storage and efficient after-sale service.

*Source : Macrom study


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