Wine cellars

The wine cellars you choose will depend on your personal feeling, your home, your lifestyle;… in a word, your wine cellar must reflect your personality. La Sommelière offers a comprehensive range of different spaces, styles and capacities. Discover all our options and select exactly the right model for you.

Designed for the most demanding wine connoisseurs, the Prestige Cellars range comes with cutting edge technology. Depending on the model, they can handle from 2 to 6 ...

Prestige range

Age your wine as well as in traditional cellars. This range offers all the necessary technological advantages: anti-vibration system, protection against light, ...

Tradition range

Our design wine cellars store your wine bottles at the correct temperature so they can be served in tip top condition. Available in a variety of models, each offering a ...

Service range

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Alcohol excess is dangerous for health. Enjoy with moderation.
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