Our accessories allow you to create the perfect wine cellar to meet your needs. Whether replacing the active charcoal filter, adding a thermometer, choosing the ideal shelves for specific wine bottles, our accessories are designed and manufactured to perfectly fit and harmoniously complement your wine cellar.

Our solid oak modular furniture enables you to organize and store your wine bottles in a walk-in cellar, a storage room, etc. Assemble your modules using our screw ...


Organize and store your wine bottles in a snap, thanks to the broad array of La Sommelière shelves.


Set the temperature of your wine cellar to the nearest degree, using the La Sommelière hygrometers.

Thermometers / Hygrometers

Preserve the absolute filtration efficiency of your wine cellar over the years, by regularly replacing your active charcoal filter.

Active charcoal filters

Organizing your wine bottle storage is easy to do with our clever label holders!

Label holder

These nitrogen cartridges perfectly fit to your CV1T and CV2T wine dispensers by the glass.

Nitrogen cartridges

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Alcohol excess is dangerous for health. Enjoy with moderation.
La Sommelière